New DcSoundOp Video: First Time On Tour With David Garwood

Talking with a younger audio tech working through the early years of his career, now departing on his first tour.

Making progress in this industry can come in a lot of different shapes and sizes for different people. No matter what progress looks like for you, whether getting out on tour or finally getting behind a console for the first time, you’ll need to focus to get there.

In this new video, we’re joined by David Garwood, a younger audio technician working through the first years of his career. Early on he knew he had an interest in touring audio but didn’t know how to get there. Instead of sitting on the sidelines, David went to work for a regional sound company.

He tells us about the advice and support he’s had from his co-workers, as well as the educational resources he pursued at every opportunity to further his knowledge and build his skills quickly.

We’ll be checking back in with David later in the year to see how things have been going and what else he has learned on the road. Getting to hear his perspective, insight and thoughts as he experiences different parts of the industry is a real privilege.

If you’d like to share your experiences in a future episode, contact info@dcsoundop.com with your details.