DcSoundOp Shoptalk: Inside The Sound Devices MD-4 Dante Interface

Taking a look under the hood of a four-channel interface for Dante networks with on-board preamps, headphone monitoring, and battery power connection.

With Dante audio networks, your approach to getting audio on or off of the network at various locations can be central to getting the most out of your system. When using networked gear like stage boxes and Dante enabled consoles, you have a number of options in smaller devices for working with just a few channels of audio at remote locations.

Gear such as the Audinate Avio adapters, and the Shure ANI4 units are great for two or four channels, but between that and full sized stage boxes, the options under two thousand dollars are somewhat limited.

The MD-4 gives us four channels in and four out, along with high-quality microphone preamps, headphone monitoring & the ability to operate directly from battery power if necessary. It’s a flexible unit and fits well into a lot of situations. Check out the video for an closer look at the MD-4 and let us know what Dante adapters you’re using and why in the comments below.