Data Protection Policy

EH Media LLC, Data Protection Policy

Last Updated August 6, 2019

Purpose: EH Media is committed to the privacy of our customers.  With the implementation of GDPR in May 2018 we are updating our privacy policy and becoming more transparent with where we gather data about our customers, how that data is stored and how our customers can access or remove data from our database.

Definitions: Personal Data: EH media collects data on its customers in order to provide a relevant web and email experience.  Data collected, but not limited to, include email, name, address, usernames, passwords, email engagement, data permissions, product interaction data, web content category data, demographics such as job function and business type, IP address, browser information and web cookies.

Principles and purposes of processing: EH Media collects data for the purpose of providing a relevant web and email experience.  The data maintained in our unified audience database is kept up to date and accurate and email preferences can be updated by clicking on the “manage my email preferences” link at the bottom of every email.  If at any time a customer would like to know the data EH Media has collected about them or wishes to removed entirely, they can email our data privacy officer at  Data is maintained for three years for customers who continue to engage with our products.

Key requirements or controls:

  • Cookies – EH will require explicit permissions for cookies for all EU customers
  • Ad Serving – EH will not be serving third party ads to EU countries
  • Privacy Policy – our privacy policy last updated on August 6, 2019 to conform to the new regulations and can be found at
  • Emails – no marketing messages will be sent to any customer in the EU without explicit permissions.  Any person receiving an email can change permissions at any time by clicking the “manage your email subscriptions” link at the bottom of any email.  Any customer can stop receiving any emails from a specific brand by clicking on the link “unsubscribe from all.” located at the bottom of any email.  Brands for EH Media LLC,  include:  The ChannelPro Network, Prosoundweb, Live Sound International,  RoboBusiness,  Robotics Business Review, and IOT Playbook.
  • Data – customers will have the ability to change their permissions at any time, ask for a data audit and request that we remove all data from our database.  (See “principles and purpose of processing” above) by contacting our Data Privacy Officer at