DcSoundOp Shoptalk: RF Tech With Karl Winkler Of Lectrosonics

Discussing the Lectrosonics philosophy and what aspiring engineers can be studying now to contribute to the wireless technology conversation in the future.

In this special episode, we’re talking with Karl Winkler, vice president of sales and service at Lectrosonics.

We talk about the L-Series wireless kit I’ve had to demo, about the inner workings of the Lectrosonics mothership facility and what aspiring engineers can be studying right now to contribute to the wireless technology conversation in the future.

I could have asked a million more questions and Karl was incredibly generous with his time. At just over thirty minutes, this is a long one compared to our usual ten minute videos. As we explore this format more in the future we may find it better to split these episodes up in to shorter parts. Let us know your preference so we can learn what works best. We’ve got some more great interviews coming soon in this series, and this may prove to be on the shorter side.

Honestly, you know how it is. You get talking shop with good people, and the time goes by pretty fast.

Thanks to Karl and the team at Lectrosonics for sharing their work with us. It’s always incredible to get to know folks who truly show up and put their best work out every single day. Thanks to everyone who works at the company, in every department, for sharing your work. It’s really impressive stuff.

Meeting Karl at NAMM was a lot of fun, especially getting to try gear like the M2 Duet IEM system first hand. Getting to experience full product line ups & seeing systems operating in person is always educational. Having some of the folks who actually worked to design the gear there, telling you what excites them about the technology, it’s a really special experience.

We’ve covered a lot of gear here on the channel and will continue to do so, but when an opportunity comes up to talk to the people behind the gear, I’ll always take it. Sharing that excitement & the passion it takes to not only design, but actually execute on ambitious designs, that’s something I really hope comes across on the channel.

This is our fourth video in a row that highlights the work that other folks are doing in the pro audio world and with the help of our awesome supporters and sponsors, we’re going to keep doing that in a big way this year. Thanks for hanging in for this longer than usual episode!