Working Your Way Up

The Working Your Way Up Podcast: Freelance Audio Engineer Nicholas Radina

Welcome to the Working Your Way Up podcast series on ProSoundWeb, hosted by PSW/LSI senior editor Erik Matlock. The purpose of the WYWU podcast is to seek out professionals to see what advice they might have for the next generation coming up behind them.

WYWU Podcast S2E1: Freelance Audio Engineer & Musician Nicholas Radina

Today we’re with Nicholas Radina, a freelance audio engineer, educator, writer and musician from Cincinnati, OH. His latest project is, a website offering resources and training for aspiring audio engineers. Nicholas has a passion for music as well as the systems used to support live concerts and performances.

I’d like to thank ProSoundWeb, WFX and Live Sound International magazine for helping make series 2 of Working Your Way Up possible. Now let’s hear from Nicholas at the LSI Loudspeaker Demo at WFX 2019 in Orlando…