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South Brunswick High School Outfitted With Community IV6 Arrays

JD Sound & Video has completed the design and installation of a new sound system for the 1,800-seat performing arts theater at South Brunswick High School (SBHS) in Monmouth Junction, NJ with Community IV6 modular vertical array loudspeakers.

Established in 1960, SBHS is the lone secondary school of the South Brunswick Public Schools. A comprehensive community public high school, it serves around 3,000 students in ninth through twelfth grades. SBHS provides its students with a challenging curriculum, coupled with extensive opportunities in the fine and performing arts, athletics, and extracurricular activities. In the area of musical activities, the South Brunswick District has received numerous awards.

Joe DiSabatino, president and lead design engineer of JD Sound & Video, explained, “Audio quality, coverage, reliability and value were all important for the performing arts theater at SBHS so, based on previous experience we chose the Community IV6 modular vertical array. Being a passive system, it delivers a great combination of acoustic purity and long-term reliability and is easily configured for optimum coverage. Our design was verified by Hadi Sumoro of HX Audio Labs, who completed the EASE modelling and commissioning.”

Flown with IV6 GlidePoint array frames, the system consists of left and right arrays, each comprising six IV6-1122 wide-dispersion 12-inch two-way array elements. Each array is supplemented with two IV6-118S 18-inch subwoofers extending the low frequency and adding impressive bass impact. The subwoofers are mounted behind the IV6-1122 elements using BalancePoint flyware, thereby minimizing the array length and visual intrusion on the stage. DiSabatino comments, “The IV6 system evenly covers the entire theater, including the back rows and raked seats in the side lecture hall extensions, without requiring any delays.”

Completing the project, JD Sound & Video also installed eight Community D6 6.5-inch two-way ceiling loudspeakers in the lobby and hallway.

DiSabatino continues, “The stadium and gym at SBHS both have really good sound systems using Community R SERIES, so our proposal was well received as they were familiar and confident with the brand. And now the theater has an outstanding system which sounds awesome, with very natural audio quality and plenty of headroom. Having previously had floor monitors flown as mains, this is a complete transformation which has satisfied and impressed everyone.”


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