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DAS Audio Loudspeakers Deployed At Copper Blues Rock Pub In Miami

The Copper Blues Rock Pub and Kitchen in Miami has been outfitted with a new sound reinforcement system headed by Vantec and Artec Series loudspeakers from DAS Audio.

Light F/X Pros, a Miami-based AV design/build firm with more than 20 years of experience, was contracted to design and deploy the loudspeaker system at the venue. “To meet the requirements of our client,” explains Jhander Orihuela, audio engineer for Light F/X Pros, “we needed to deploy an audio system that offered the versatility to address a variety of event types and activities since the venue operates as a restaurant, concert hall, and party room.

“As a result, the system required the SPL (sound pressure level) to provide solid coverage throughout the space, depending on the activities taking place at any given time, in addition to having both a high level of speech intelligibility and music reproduction capabilities. After carefully examining our options, it became abundantly clear that DAS Audio’s Vantec and Artec series loudspeakers, augmented with a few other models from the company — were the right solutions for this project.”

At the Copper Blues Rock Pub and Kitchen, the primary system consists of six DAS Vantec 20A active curved source line array elements, flown three enclosures each for the left and right sides. These are accompanied by four DAS Vantec 118A powered bass reflex subwoofers placed two enclosures per side.

The delay portion of the system is distributed throughout eight zones. Here, Light F/X Pros  deployed four DAS Artec 526A enclosures each for zones one and two, six Artec 508A enclosures for zones three and four, and another six DAS Arco 24T 2-way point source enclosures throughout zone five (the terrace). Completing the setup, an Ovi 12 loudspeaker fills the zone six hallway while ten DAS CL-6TB ceiling loudspeakers complete zones seven and eight.

“DAS Audio was, without question, the brand with the highest capacity to address the various challenges presented by this project,” Orihuela states. “The Vantec line’s dispersion characteristics and sound quality proved to be the perfect system for live bands and DJs while the Artec series’ intelligibility and uniformity provided the ideal support for the delays. Together, they make a terrific setup in the venue.”

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