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DiGiGrid Provides Integration At Multi-Use More Accurate Audio Solutions In Germany

More Accurate Audio Solutions, a studio in Offenbach am Main, Germany run by Robert Hauck, offers services that include production, mixing, mastering, and delivering training seminars.

With two studio spaces – one for production and training in modular synths and the other for mastering, Hauck was looking for an integrated solution to provide routing and audio resource sharing, deciding that a DiGiGrid system could achieve all routing possibilities he required to connect every part, analog and digital, of his studio infrastructure.

With Hauck providing a permanent DiGiGrid training and demonstration facility, an education partnership was formed and a full DiGiGrid setup was installed, including an IOS-XL as well as IOX, IOC, MGO, D Desktop and S switch units; everything needed to show the power of DiGiGrid and the SoundGrid network.

Hauck states, “The new numerous and intuitive routing options created an intuitive studio world. Sound-wise, especially regarding details and resolution, The DiGiGrid interfaces and their converters are top notch. Recordings, whether from our modular system or from the FX rack are in a sonically new dimension and we’re happy to have joined the DiGiGrid family and are proud to represent them.”


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