Church Sound University Worship Audio Training Program Launches This Month

ProSoundWeb and Live Sound International have created and are presenting Church Sound University (CSU), a new training program focused on the essentials of worship audio.

CSU’s faculty, who are actual long-time worship audio practitioners in addition to serving as educators, have developed a one-day training curriculum that’s specifically tailored to address the key essentials for church tech teams – volunteers in particular – to attain consistent sonic quality at every worship service and event.

The first CSU session is being presented on Saturday, October 12 at Heritage Fellowship, a non-denominational Christian church located in Reston, Virginia.

Every attendee will participate in both dedicated learning sessions as well as hands-on breakout sessions in order to receive more individualized group training — ensuring that participants leave with far more knowledge than they started.

The CSU workbook (included with the class) will allow attendees to keep their new knowledge close at hand during their next worship services. (Go here to find out more and register.)

Lead instructors include:

Mike Sokol, long known for his dynamic, effective worship tech education, most notably as the long-time instructor of the HOW-TO seminars held at hundreds of churches throughout the U.S.

Samantha Potter, an active worship tech educator noted for a highly relevant and practical curriculum. She also serves as a sound design consultant and IT media supervisor for the houses of worship market. (Listen to Samantha providing more details regarding CSU here.)

James Stoffo, who’s not only worked as the RF/wireless coordinator for some of the largest events in the world, but is also passionate about educating audio techs on wireless system best practices.

Left to right, CSU instructors Mike Sokol, Samantha Potter and James Stoffo.

CSU Curriculum:

Audio 101
– Audio and Sound 101
– Acoustics 101
– Ear Training
– Fundamentals

Wrapping It Up
– Stagecraft 101
– Cable Management
– Power and Safety
– Hum, Buzz, and Troubleshooting

Microphones & Loudspeakers
– Microphone Mechanics
– Microphone Techniques
– Basics of Power Amplifiers
– Loudspeaker Mechanics
– System Tuning for Beginners

Mixing & Streaming
– Technique vs Artistry
– Message Intelligibility
– Processing Techniques
– Multitracking and Virtual Soundcheck
– Online Ministries and Broadcast Mixing

Wireless System Techniques
– RF 101
– Successful System Design
– Future of RF

Go here to find out more and to register — take advantage of early-bird discounts and other special pricing options.

Church Sound University