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New Signal To Noise (S2N) Podcast: Samantha Potter Talking Church Sound & Much More

Welcome to the Signal To Noise (S2N) podcast series on ProSoundWeb, sponsored by Shure and hosted by Live Sound/PSW editor Keith Clark, technical editor Michael Lawrence and pro audio veteran Kyle Chirnside (the hosts utilize Shure SM7B mics for the podcasts).

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This time (Episode 9) we’re joined by Samantha Potter, senior contributing editor and worship tech liaison for Church Sound magazine and ProSoundWeb. She also serves as an IT media supervisor and system design consultant in the house of worship sector, in addition to handling production management and front of house engineering for popular Kansas City-based band Funk Syndicate.

Samantha talks about the new Church Sound University program she’s co-developing and which kicks off this coming October, as well as addressing many of the common issues that come up in house of worship audio and how to work through them.


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Signal To Noise
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