dBTechnologies VIO Arrives In South Africa

Southern Africa’s rental staging community has embraced dBTechnologies’ VIO series of powered line arrays and subs with South African partner, Stage Audio Works, reporting a string of sales across the region. The distributor has seen VIO systems purchased by a variety of companies all across South Africa and Namibia.

With a range offering dual 8, 10 and 12-inch tops paired with single, double or triple 18-inch subs, VIO delivers on its description as a fully powered line array and sub series intended for large sound reinforcement applications. Its unique design and advanced DSP programming come together to deliver the kind of sound pressure levels, dispersion control and detailed audio performance that rental staging companies rely upon every day.

AVS Hire from Nelspruit with VIO

The VIO L210 dual 10-inch cabinet has proved the most popular among the southern African community. Stage Audio Works has sold L210 rigs to DEM Equipment Hire and Sonic Sound in Johannesburg, Sound Motion in Rustenburg and Atlantic Audio in Walvis Bay, Namibia. AVS Hire from Nelspruit built on its L210 tops purchase with additional S218 and S118 double and single 18-inch subs as well.

Meanwhile, Kilowatt AV in Cape Town opted for a slightly smaller option with the most recent addition to the VIO family in the region. The rental house opted for a double 8-inch L208 rig as the latest addition to its portfolio.

The popularity of VIO is in part down to the quality of service and support delivered by Stage Audio Works across the region, but also due to the real-world advantages it brings.

 width=“There are many events where the very top brands are not required as per technical riders and the VIO range can do the job 100%,” reasons Willie Kok, the Stage Audio Works sales person who sold AVS Hire its system. “The price point is very good value for money which means that the return on investment is very attractive.”

“You are getting a compact system but it can still deliver the punch required for the smaller to medium sized outdoor and indoor events,” adds Jerome Gideon, the Stage Audio Works sales person responsible for Kilowatt AV’s recent investment. “Equally, companies can always add more cabinets when they need to grow the size of their PA.”


Stage Audio Works